No-Mo November 2023

Mortgage, Markets, and More

Jan 5 2024 • 15 mins

Unpacking "No-Mo November 2023" on My Podcast "Mortgage, Markets, and More"

🍁 This past November, the unexpected hit — a mortgage market slowdown. Why the sudden stall? Join me as I unravel this in "No-Mo November 2023," the latest episode of my podcast, "Mortgage, Markets, and More."

📊 I'm digging deep into the economic trends and policy changes that left buyers and sellers pondering their next move. I'll be your guide, Peter D'Angelo, bringing clarity to the complexity of the market's current state.

🔮 Is this a temporary dip or a warning sign for the future of real estate? Let's discuss the forecast for 2024 and beyond.

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