Minute 030: What Kind of Terrorists Are You?

Die Hard Minute Podcast

Nov 10 2017 • 28 mins

Rick and Julia Ingham
of the Mad Max Minute

On the 31st Floor, Takagi is talking to Theo and Hans. Theo is seated in front of a Nakatomi workstation.

“I don’t have that code!” says Takagi, “You broke in here to access our computer? Any information you could get, when they wake up in Tokyo in the morning, they’ll change it. You won’t be able to blackmail our executives, threaten our profit-”

“SIT. DOWN.” orders Hans. Takagi takes a chair. “Mister Takagi,” explains Hans, “I’m really not interested in your computer. But I need the code key because I am interested in the six hundred and forty million dollars in negotiable bearer bonds that you have locked in your vault. And the computer controls the vault.”

“You want — money?” says Takagi, puzzled. “What kind of terrorists are you?”

Gruber laughs. “Who said we were terrorists?”


Karl: Alexander Godunov

Tony: Andreas Wisniewski

Theo: Clarence Gilyard Jr.

Takagi: James Shigeta

Hans Gruber: Alan Rickman

John McClane: Bruce Willis