38: The Power of Running Form in Triathlon Performance and Training

The OFFICIAL Triathlete

Sep 12 2023 • 16 mins

Unlock the secret to optimal running form and discover how to significantly boost your triathlon performance with me, your host, Donita Jacobs. We promise to elevate your running game as we analyze the intricacies of running form, gait analysis, and the unique hurdles faced during the transition from biking to running in triathlons. We will delve into Coach Bobby McGee's 3C's approach, which is all about connecting, compressing and cadence, ensuring you're not just clocking miles but running mindfully, reducing stress, and savoring the joy of the sport all the more.

This episode isn't just about perfecting your physical execution but also about fostering the right mindset. We discuss the pivotal role of goal setting and reflection in athletic training and how to meticulously monitor your progress. We underline the importance of loving the journey and not just fixating on the destination. As we wrap up the episode, we touch on the often overlooked aspect of running etiquette in triathlons, which is crucial for fostering a sense of community and ensuring safety. So gear up to revolutionize your triathlon training and enhance your athletic adventures with this enlightening episode.

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