40: The Triathlete's Essential Guide to Wetsuits

The OFFICIAL Triathlete

Sep 26 2023 • 21 mins

Ever wondered how to keep your triathlon wetsuit in optimal shape? Or how to select the right one to boost your performance? Well then, brace for an engaging journey into the world of triathlon wetsuits on the 40th episode of The Official Triathlete Podcast. We'll be uncovering the significance of wetsuits, the gamut of options available, and key aspects to mull over while purchasing one. We'll also be striking a chord on the theme of setting ambitious targets and discerning when to adjust, entwined with guidance on fostering tenacity. Fear not, this journey isn't all about straight paths; it's a beautifully winding road blending ambition, flexibility and resilience.

Strap in for some handy tips to maintain your wetsuit and keep it race-ready. We'll be unveiling 15 game-changing tips from rinsing your wetsuit with fresh water to avoiding its exposure to direct sunlight. You'll also gain insights into the USAT regulations for wetsuit temperature and thickness, empowering you to make informed decisions. Remember, with correct care and maintenance, your wetsuit can go the extra mile in boosting your performance. So, whether you're prepping for your maiden triathlon or contemplating an upgrade, this episode is your ticket to upping your triathlon game.

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