44: Overcoming the 25 Most Common Triathlon Training Mistakes

The OFFICIAL Triathlete

Oct 24 2023 • 17 mins

Ready to become a stronger, smarter, and more balanced triathlete? Strap in, because you're about to learn the ultimate training strategies. Welcome back to the Official Triathlete Podcast! Your friend and guide, Donita Jacobs, is here to empower you with strategies to beat common training pitfalls and enhance your performance. Listen as she uncovers the 25 most common mistakes triathletes make during their training journey and reveals effective strategies to overcome them. From neglecting recovery and ignoring nutrition to over-focusing on one discipline and skipping strength training, we're bringing all these to light, so you can sidestep these obstacles and conquer the finish line like a champion.

That's not all. This episode goes beyond just training - it's about transforming the whole person. Reflective practice is a crucial tool for personal growth and Donita is here to guide you on how to overcome the challenges that often hinder this. Dive into the exploration of common barriers like time constraints, reluctance to face shortcomings, and uncertainty about how to reflect effectively. Let Donita guide you through the process, offering tangible solutions and practical advice. So, tune in, get ready to tackle these challenges head-on, and let's turn you into the best version of yourself - an unstoppable, well-rounded, and reflective triathlete. Are you ready to embark on this enlightening journey? Let's go!

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