47: Triumph Over Challenges: Pam Wilson's Triathlon Journey (Guest Episode)

The OFFICIAL Triathlete

Nov 14 2023 • 58 mins

As we explore the world of triathlons, we couldn't have asked for a more inspiring guest than Pam Wilson. Her journey from outdoor enthusiast to remarkable triathlete, overcoming challenges including the loss of an arm at 20, is a testament to her incredible resilience. Pam's transition from smoking to running marathons reminds us that no obstacle is insurmountable when we set our hearts and minds to it.

In this powerful conversation, Pam opens up about her experiences and shares valuable strategies that helped her conquer self-doubt and boost her self-confidence - tools that we can all apply in our own lives and pursuits. We discuss her use of a speed fill to manage the bike portion of the race and her tips for beginners facing obstacles, as well as her emotional and physical preparation for challenging races like Kona. Listeners are sure to be captivated by Pam's story of walking out onto the pier in Kona for her first race, and how she raised $25,000 to participate.

Balancing a successful career and family life with intensive training schedules is no small feat, but Pam does it all with grace and determination. Her pre-race rituals, habits, and meticulous planning help her stay focused and organized. She also shares her love for the triathlon community and the indelible impact its members have had on her journey. Pam's story is one of strength, passion, and triumph, reminding us that with dedication and courage, we can conquer anything. Don't miss this exceptional exploration of the triathlon world with an extraordinary athlete.

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