Ted Seides on Interviewing Investors, His Bet with Buffett and How His Podcast Made Him a Better Listener – MS007

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Jan 9 2019 • 58 mins

For the final episode of my pilot season, I return to the fascinating world of investing. My guest is Ted Seides. During his more than 25 years in finance, Ted has built unique expertise in the area of manager selection - picking investment funds that he believes can beat the market.

He’s the author of “So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund”, and host of the Capital Allocators podcast, on which he interviews investors and others about the investment challenge and how to approach it.

This episode provides inspiration for professionals who regularly find themselves assessing people and teams. You’ll learn why meetings are crucial in manager selection, how Ted prepares for these interviews and how his experience as a podcast host helps him as an investor. We also discuss Ted’s famous bet with Warren Buffett and what the Oracle of Omaha can teach us about communication.

Here are some of the episode’s highlights with timestamps:

  • 9:35 – How Ted got in touch with Warren Buffet

  • 17:00 – Communication lessons from the Oracle of Omaha
  • 26:33 – What you can’t get from a piece of paper: the crucial importance of face-to-face meetings

  • 30:34 – What to look and listen for when assessing an investment team’s culture

  • 34:20 – Why ‘we gotcha’ doesn’t work when you find out unfavorable information about someone

  • 47:18 – How Ted prepares for a podcast interview

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