Mouth Taping and Why Breathing Cold Air Hurts Your Lungs

Living Well Podcast by Jefferson Health

Dec 21 2022 • 18 mins

Whether or not you are diagnosed with a pulmonary disease, like asthma or COPD,  winter months can be tough on the lungs. Cold air can irritate the lung’s airways, which can cause coughing, wheezing or a constricting feeling when breathing. The good news? There are ways to mitigate these symptoms to better protect your lungs. Enter pulmonologist Dr. Jessica Most.

In this episode, Dr. Most offers her expert recommendations on how to best protect your lungs this winter, whether you are fighting the elements outside or staying cozy inside. Plus, she weighs in on the trend of taping your mouth closed while sleeping to encourage nostril breathing.


  • Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

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