Making Decisions with Brian McCarthy

Revenue Builders

Mar 24 2024 • 4 mins

In this curated episode of the Revenue Builders Podcast, we dive into the intricacies of decision-making, the role of intuition versus data, and the importance of checking one's ego with special guest, Brian McCarthy, Chief Revenue Officer at Rubrik. Brian shares insightful perspectives on how to blend gut instincts with data-driven approaches, the significance of being secure in one's decisions, and the value of course correction when needed. Through candid discussions and personal anecdotes, listeners gain valuable insights into effective leadership strategies and sales performance optimization.


[00:00:29] Intuition in Decision-Making: Brian discusses the significance of listening to one's gut instincts alongside analyzing data when making critical decisions.
[00:02:11] Ego and Decision-Making: The importance of separating ego from decisions, being open to course correction based on new data, and avoiding ego-driven attachment to decisions.
[00:03:33] Integrating Data and Intuition: Brian highlights the importance of considering both data-driven insights and gut instincts, along with input from key individuals, to make informed decisions and drive organizational success.


[00:00:49] "They give me the data and I just, I hear them. Sounds like there's a logical solution, but my gut just is something in my stomach... I just don't feel like I want to make the decision now."
[00:02:30] "Get your ego out of the way and just change [the decision]... I've always found it's okay to make a decision based upon the data that you have."
[00:03:54] "If you're really listening, you're listening to what the data tells you, you're listening to what your eyes are telling you, what your gut tells you... and then quickly execute."

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