Decision Criteria with Anne Gary

Revenue Builders

Apr 21 2024 • 8 mins

In this curated episode of the Revenue Builders Podcast, John McMahon and John Kaplan, sponsored by Force Management, delve into the crucial aspect of decision criteria in sales. Joined by Anne Gary, the team dissects the intricacies of aligning decision criteria with product differentiation to secure sales success. From handling competition to managing scope creep, they provide invaluable insights into navigating the sales landscape with precision.


[00:00:35] Understanding how competitors may adopt your terminology highlights the importance of clarifying distinctions in customer conversations.
[00:01:26] Identifying who within the company influences decision criteria sheds light on the political dynamics of the sales process.
[00:02:03] Aligning product differentiators with decision criteria ensures that customers are truly buying what you're selling.
[00:03:04] Formalizing and quantifying decision criteria is essential to avoid ambiguity and ensure accountability.
[00:04:38] Scope creep occurs when additional criteria are introduced, increasing the risk of losing the deal.
[00:06:43] Failing to define criteria rigorously can lead to irreversible setbacks, especially evident in failed Proof of Value (POV) scenarios.
[00:07:48] After a failed POV, complaining appears futile as it disregards agreed-upon rules and may damage credibility with the evaluation team and economic buyer.


[00:02:21] "If you're outside of the bullseye, they're not buying what you're selling."
[00:04:58] "It's a seller's job to get the criteria to be... in their bullseye."
[00:06:43] "If you execute the POV and you haven't locked all this down... it's nearly impossible to recover from a failed POV."
[00:07:48] "Even if you did it again... you'd wind up losing again."

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