Improving Productivity and Reducing Friction in the Workplace with Mark Banfield

Revenue Builders

Mar 28 2024 • 1 hr

In this episode, Mark Banfield, CEO of 1E, discusses the emerging market of Digital Employee Experience (DEX). He explains how 1E's technology monitors and manages the digital experience of employees on their devices, identifying and remedying issues before they impact productivity. Mark emphasizes the importance of providing a great employee experience, as it directly translates to a great customer experience. He also highlights the role of technical and executive champions in driving the adoption of DEX solutions. The conversation delves into the measurement of DEX, the impact on IT service desks, and the potential for cost savings and productivity gains. Mark shares insights on building trust with customers, the value of authenticity, and the significance of every employee's role in the organization.

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[00:03:03] Introduction to digital employee experience (DEX) and its importance
[00:04:30] How DEX is measured and its impact on employee productivity
[00:07:37] Cost savings and efficiency gains through DEX
[00:11:39] The impact of digital friction on employee morale and retention
[00:12:08] Addressing onboarding challenges with new applications
[00:13:54] The digital adoption platform is a white hot space with great opportunities
[00:16:02] The executive champion is usually a VP of infrastructure, end user computing, or digital workplace
[00:23:45] Building trust and relationships with customers is crucial in sales
[00:34:02] Transitioning from a CRO to a CEO role requires accountability and adapting to new responsibilities
[00:44:57] Importance of projecting a future for individuals to see themselves in


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[00:55:25] "There's no shortcuts. One of the four values in OneE is belief. And I put that value in place when I got here, because I thought, in my view, that whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right."
[00:56:00] "There are no shortcuts to success, it's about putting in the work and pushing yourself."
[00:57:43] "There's no elevator for success. You have to take the stairs."