63. Ulli Lommel’s The Devonsville Terror (1983)

Loathsome Things: A Horror Movie Podcast

Sep 3 2023 • 1 hr 12 mins

Do you ever think about the town you live in? Did your ancestors live there? What did they do when they lived there? Were they bad to other people, maybe women or indigenous populations? Do you ever wonder if you are them? Has a doctor ever made you feel like you’re a buckle-hatted pilgrim wielding a knife of revelation while inducing seizures in your chaw-addled brain? Well, then you may be a Pendleton, of the Devonsville Pendletons! You see, 300 years ago the entire town of Devonsville did a witch hunt. Later, they were all named Pendleton and had much less facial hair than their ancestors. There may have also been some Warleys, who may have written everything down in some Gideon’s Bible-sized journals for no good reason. Also, something about belts made out of finger bones. I don’t know.

This week we reviewed a movie that was asking the question “could a witch hunt happen today?” But that was 40 years ago, and here we are today among a mass of idiots banning books, actively organizing to overthrow the government, and persecuting anyone who isn’t a cis-gendered lily-white Christian. So join us in the flames as we place a curse upon the whole melty-faced lot in this most fundamentalist episode of Loathsome Things: a podcast for people who want to grow closer to god day by glorious day. Amen.

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The Loathsome Things Official Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies of All Time List (of those we've reviewed for an episode of Loathsome Things: A Horror Movie Podcast)

(1) Andrzej Żuławski's Possession (1981) (2) Brian De Palma’s Carrie (1976) (3) Rose Glass’ Saint Maud (2019) (4) Bob Clark’s Black Christmas (1974) (5) George A Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968) (6) Alex Garland’s Men (2022) (7) Miike Takashi’s Audition (1999) (8) Ti West’s X (2022) (9) Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski's The Void (2016) (10) Bob Clark’s Deathdream (1974)

Honorable Mentions: Beyond the Door III (1989) – American teens take an evil train ride across bad-times Yugoslavia! The Pit (1981) – A coming-of-age story about seeing boobs, evil teddy bears and feeding beasts! The Suckling (1990) – An abortion monster kills a house full of sex workers on his way home!