70. Perry Blackshear’s They Look Like People (2015)

Loathsome Things: A Horror Movie Podcast

Dec 10 2023 • 59 mins

Content Warning: suicide and self harm

You are a mountain and this is the first part of Perry Blackshear’s Monster Trilogy sees childhood chums Wyatt and Christian reunited as alcoholic adults who’ve suffered failed relationships and mental and emotional disturbances. Christian’s self-help iPod has seen him get a great job at Behemoth, where he’s romantically pursuing his badass boss, Mara. Meanwhile, Wyatt is suffering from severe Capgras delusions and is doomsday prepping in a decidedly hardware store fashion. Will he use his ultra-powerful nail gun to save the world? Will Christian do horizontal judo with Mara? Hug-hug to find if we knew we got our axe for something on this episode of Loathsome Things: A Horror Movie Podcast, haroo, haroo!

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Bonus trivia question: What movie was John talking about when he said “The Boogey Man?” Only real Loathsome Fans will know the answer!