19 | Navigating Divorce, Polyamory & Self-Discovery with Jo Encarnacion

Get Cliterate

13-04-2021 • 52 mins

In episode 19 of Get Cliterate, Calee is joined by Jo Encarnacion. Jo is a sex, love, and relationship coach leading thousands of women down a path of radical self-acceptance and sexual sovereignty. She is the Founder behind GOFITJO and a host of the podcast Nothing Confidential where she and her cohost have an open dialogue that educates, empowers, and hopefully entertains...or at the very least, makes the hard topics feels a little safer. Her mission is to help women release their shame and create pleasure and play in their relationships to experience healthy sensual bliss in their lives.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Jo’s entry into the sexual empowerment space
  • Navigating her recent divorce + how it affected her relationship with herself, children + partners
  • Her experience opening up to polyamory, how she approached this with her partner + when she decided to tell her children
  • The euphoria she felt as she held a funeral for her old self, and how she’s been truly embracing herself in this new chapter of her life
  • + so much more!

You can connect with Jo on Instagram: @gofitjo, follow along with her podcast: Nothing Confidential, and find more info on her website!

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