🟡 #15 - Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi

Dec 12 2023 • 1 hr

Learn how to hack your digital presence and social footprint with these tips and tricks from the media marketing experts.

🎙️ This social media blueprint for real estate agents with Tony & Alina, Founders of Zone In Media will have you whipping out your phone and updating your profiles.  This episode isn't just about apps; it's a MASTERCLASS on how to create viral content and 10X your discoverability as a real estate agent.

Whether you're an industry veteran or new to the real estate world, get ready to learn how top agents drive sales by leveraging social media and digital marketing in an episode packed with aha moments, actionable insights, personal stories, and game-changing techniques.

Headline chats:

[6:01] 💼 Instagram Vs TikTok debate
[11:02] 🌱 Stepping out of your comfort zone to grow
[12:11] ✍️ Why outsource to a content creation agency to deliver your message
[13:04] 🔍 What to look for in the insights
[14:04] 🕒 How often to post and what time to post
[17:12] 🌟 Personal branding
[17:50] 😴 What makes your content boring
[21:31] 🚫 Buying followers and likes
[27:00] 🔀 Keeping your personal and business content separate
[35:18] 👵 Is Facebook just for aunties?
[38:57] 📝 Is Snapchat a big deal?
[40:50] ⬆️ What's up with WhatsApp?
[35:18] 👵 Is Facebook just for aunties?
[44:13] ▶️ YouTube for real estate agents
[40:50] ⬆️ What's up with WhatsApp?

🚀 Tune in now for a transformational episode that promises to level up the way you use the apps and create content.

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