Challenging yourself as a Product professional with Noa Reikhav, VP Product x Skai


Mar 16 2023 • 37 mins

Noa Reikhav is vice president of product at Skai, an award-winning omnichannel marketing platform for performance media. Noa brings her unique background in psychology and communication to her role as an innovator in adtech. Responsible for the ideation and development of some of Skai’s most revolutionary AI features, her impact is felt by Skai clients throughout the world.

Beginning her career as a product manager in her native Israel, Noa has since held a variety of roles at adtech companies and startups leading DSP, mobile advertising, and search teams before moving to the U.S. to lead Skai’s retail media and omnichannel efforts.

Common threads throughout her 12 years in the industry are Noa’s focus on creating technology that helps marketers and her legacy building and scaling product teams that have revolutionized digital marketing.

Today we are going to talk about:

  • Tel Aviv vs NYC tech ecosystem: being “in” the market
  • Banking on growth and building super teams: developing personal and professional growth plans to take you and your team further in your career
  • Product Management methodologies & best implementations
  • Addressing Life Change management