Episode 095 - Special Holiday 2023 Series: Unpolished GOLD - Humanizing Technology with Melanie L. Flores

Unpolished MBA

Dec 5 2023 • 16 mins

Holiday Series 2023 - Unpolished MBA Gold: Mining For Talent In Transition

  • This episode features a conversation with Melanie L. Flores, a degreed engineer with a knack for humanizing tech, making it relatable and human-centric for all to use and benefit from.
  • Her self-described identity is: An engineer's mind, A teacher's heart, and A gardener's hands.

Some Topics Discussed Include:

Experience in Tech Startups:

  • Melanie reflects on her time in tech startups, discussing the dynamic nature of roles and the challenge of finding product-market fit.
  • She also expressed enjoying the variety and creative opportunities provided by startup environments and shared her interest in transitioning to different tech verticals like med-tech and senior-tech, driven by a desire to impact everyday lives.

Personal Connection to Senior Tech:

  • Melanie shared her personal motivations for being drawn to senior tech, including making technology more accessible and beneficial to older adults.

Professional Transition Advice:

  • Melanie offers advice to others in career transitions, emphasizing the importance of actively engaging and demonstrating expertise on platforms like LinkedIn.

Favorite book: "Range" by David Epstein (Here it is on Amazon!)

Her indispensable tech tool: Spotify

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