Episode 107 - Scaling Success w/The Fractional COO Caitlin Ferguson

Unpolished MBA

Mar 4 2024 • 45 mins

n this episode of the Unpolished MBA, we're thrilled to introduce Caitlin Ferguson, a seasoned expert in transforming ambitious visions into operational success at scale. Caitlin shares her insights on the critical role of a fractional COO and how she assists companies in navigating the complexities of growth, strategy, and operational efficiency. Whether you're a startup finding your footing or an entrepreneur navigating post-acquisition challenges, Caitlin's approach to fostering focus, evidence-based decision-making, and strategic alignment offers invaluable lessons.

Some Topics Discussed Include:

  • Fractional Leadership Explained: Caitlin demystifies the concept of fractional leadership, emphasizing its role beyond consulting to include hands-on team integration and strategic execution.
  • Operational Excellence Post-Acquisition: Caitlin discusses her proactive involvement in businesses, ideally starting from the search fund phase through to post-acquisition, ensuring a smooth transition and operational stability.
  • Building Trust and Managing Change: Discover Caitlin's strategies for building trust within teams, managing change effectively, and ensuring communication flows throughout all levels of an organization.
  • Financial Acumen: Caitlin highlights the importance of understanding the financial aspects of a business, sharing how her background in entrepreneurship as a CPA's daughter and her experience in innovation consulting have shaped her approach to driving profitability and efficiency.

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