Episode 103 - Accounting and SMB Acquisitions with ETA Entrepreneur Yvette Owo

Unpolished MBA

Jan 13 2024 • 44 mins

In this insightful episode, Yvette Owo--an expert in accounting, finance, and business acquisitions--shares her extensive knowledge and experience in business acquisitions, emphasizing the importance of financial due diligence, understanding working capital, and the nuances of deal structuring.

She also discusses the value of maintaining good relationships with sellers and lenders, and the critical role of a comprehensive approach to accounting and finance in successful business acquisitions.

Some Topics Discussed Include:

  • The Importance of Financial Due Diligence: Yvette highlights the non-negotiable need for thorough financial due diligence in acquisitions.
  • Understanding Working Capital: She explains the significance of working capital in deal structuring and how it can impact the final stages of a deal.
  • Building Relationships: Yvette emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with bankers and sellers throughout the acquisition process.
  • Comprehensive Accounting Services: The discussion includes the range of services offered by YOLO Accounting, from bookkeeping to complex financial analysis, and their impact on business success.


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