LSD: Stigma, Synthesis and Science with Dr Torsten Passie & Ben Clayden - PiMPOD2

Psychedelic Frontiers: Bridging Science, Medicine and Consciousness

Sep 10 2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

In this months episode of PiMPOD, I, Ben Clayden am once again joined with Dr Torsten Passie, this time to discuss Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), the most researched drug in history!

The podcast begins with the fantastic discovery story of LSD and its psychedelic effects by Albert Hoffman, then discusses the early research conducted, including some of the less ethical studies in the 60's like the well known MK-ULTRA.

We then take a dive into the psychological effects, neurobiology, and pharmacology of LSD, after which we discuss the applications of LSD assisted psychotherapy.

In this episode we also take a look at a 2014 study of LSD assisted psychotherapy for anxiety associated with life threatening diseases like cancer, published by Torsten, Peter Gasser, Rick Doblin and many other notable colleagues, and finally conclude with remarks on what the future for LSD assisted psychotherapy may look like.

Dr Torsten Passie is a leading authority on the pharmacology of LSD, and to date, has written the most comprehensive book on the pharmacology and effects of LSD, which combines data from over 3000 studies and has published by the oxford university press, and hence I could n0t think of a better person to have discussed LSD with!

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'LSD assisted psychotherapy for anxiety associated with life threatening diseases' - Gasser et al 2014




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