Ep 48: The Synthetic Dilemma: Unmasking Multivitamin Myths for Men W/ Steven Abbey

ResistingBeta: The Men's Health Podcast

Aug 16 2023 • 53 mins


In today's episode, we welcome Steven Abbey, the brilliant mind behind SOS Nutrients. A beacon of knowledge and experience in the realm of nutrition, Steven's journey from personal health struggles to the creation of a transformative health product is both enlightening and motivating. As the founder of SOS Nutrients, Steven is set to debunk myths and shed light on the mysteries of nutrition, wellness, and the journey to optimal health.

Episode Highlights:

  • Background of Steven Abbey:

    • Founder and creative genius behind SOS Nutrients.

    • Embarked on a transformative health journey, battling ailments like psoriasis, reactive hypoglycemia, and fatigue.

    • Recognized a gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding in the nutrition sector.

  • Skepticism & Enthusiasm:

    • Andrew's apprehension about the various nutritional claims in the market.

    • Steven's eagerness to share knowledge is due to his personal connection with male health challenges.

  • Supplements & Natural Nutrients:

    • The debate: synthetic supplements vs. natural ones.

    • The unique importance of vitamin C sourced from natural ingredients.

    • The role of essential co-factors and bioflavonoids in supplements.

    • The link between zinc and testosterone levels.

  • Modern Food and Its Drawbacks:

    • The belief in the nutritional deficiency of contemporary food.

    • Insights from a 1936 Senate hearing on historical soil depletion.

    • The negative impact of modern agricultural practices and food additives on nutrition.

  • Sexual Health as a Barometer for Overall Health:

    • Sexual health's intricate nature encompasses aspects like desire and functionality.

    • The vital role of cardiovascular health and nitric oxide in sexual wellness.

    • Potential natural remedies for improved sexual function, like arginine and pycnogenol.

  • Journey to Optimal Health:

    • Steps towards transitioning from poor to optimal health.

    • A critique of the modern medical approach, using Viagra as an example.

    • The underrated importance of social connections for health.

    • Embracing a layered approach to health improvement with a focus on nutrition, antioxidants, and a supportive system.

  • Inspiring Transformations:

    • Client success stories and the journey of public figure Forrest Galante.

    • The significance of health indicators like CRP and A1C, and their link to inflammation and blood sugar respectively.

  • Steven's Personal Health Insights:

    • Steven's ability to maintain health amidst back injuries.

    • Ingredients beneficial for inflammation reduction, include bing cherries and turmeric.

    • Steven's evolving perception of masculinity, emphasizes integrity and communication.

  • A Closer Look at SOS Nutrients:

    • Steven introduces his product, SOS, highlighting its comprehensive natural ingredients.

    • Emphasis on unique features and the commitment to premium quality despite higher costs.

  • Steven's Vision & Andrew's Appreciation:

    • Despite industry challenges, Steven remains driven by passion.

    • Andrew commends Steven for his hard work, dedication, and vision.

Steven’s Quotable Moments:

  • "If you're missing one thing like you have everything else, but you're missing, let's say zinc, like what we were talking about earlier, your testosterone level is going to drop through the floor."

  • "Inflammation is directly connected to almost every disease, whether you're talking about cardiovascular disease, whether you're talking about cancer, whether you're talking about autoimmune conditions."

Conclusion: Andrew wraps up the enlightening conversation, urging listeners to explore Steven's groundbreaking product, SOS, and emphasizes the importance of proactive steps towards better health.

7 Day Action Steps:

  1. Eliminate self-isolation - Connect with someone who has your back

  2. Introduce a healthy smoothie from Steven’s Website






Here is a discount code for 20% off the first order.

Discount Code: SOS20

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