Ep: 43 - Trekking from Turmoil to Triumph: A 6-Step Guide to Masculine Mastery w/ Dennis Procopio

ResistingBeta: The Men's Health Podcast

Jun 20 2023 • 51 mins

In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz interviews guest Dennis Procopio, Dennis Procopio is the founder of Man-UP! Life Coaching is an elite life coaching service for men. Based in San Diego, CA; Dennis created Man-UP! Life Coaching to help other men become the best versions of themselves while continuing to better themselves in the process.


  • Dennis Procopio, the founder of Man Up Life Coaching, shares his journey from personal struggles, including attempted suicide, to empowering and supporting men through his coaching business, aligned with Resisting Beta's mission.
  • Dennis Procopio overcame a challenging upbringing marked by abuse and hardship. His journey led him to become a successful life coach, dedicated to helping men through his Man Up Life Coaching brand.
  • Man Up Life Coaching encourages men to embrace responsibility, productivity, and societal expectations, helping them navigate challenges and achieve a fulfilling life aligned with traditional ideals of success and happiness.
  • Man Up Life Coaching uses the phrase "man up" as a double entendre, challenging societal expectations while offering unconditional support and brotherly love to help men overcome internal struggles and lift each other up.
  • Unconditional brotherly love, as defined by Dennis Procopio, means offering love and acceptance to fellow men without judgment or conditions, regardless of their actions or decisions. It is a supportive and non-judgmental bond of love and acceptance among brothers.
  • Dennis Procopio acknowledges the power of manipulation but distinguishes between using it for positive purposes, like helping others, and using it in a manipulative or exploitative manner.
  • Dennis Procopio outlines a six-step failure script that many men follow, involving self-judgment, rage, lethargy, insecurity, risk avoidance, and stagnation. These steps resonate with Andrew Bontz's experiences.
  • The conversation between Andrew Bontz and Dennis Procopio explores topics such as validation, toxic behavior, the impact of depression, and the desire for affirmation in relationships.
  • The conversation delves into the importance of self-judgment, the impact of therapy on men, and the differing approaches to problem-solving between men and women in relationships.
  • The success script focuses on self-validation, motivation, confidence, risk-taking, change, and opportunity as steps toward personal growth and achieving desired outcomes.
  • The discussion emphasizes the importance of balancing structure and creativity, and the need for self-love and support from brotherhood to navigate challenges and continue the journey of personal growth.
  • The conversation highlights the importance of applying love languages to oneself and offering self-affirmation. It emphasizes that self-love is a powerful and alpha trait for personal growth and fathering one's inner child.
  • To become the best version of themselves, men are encouraged to meditate daily for 30 minutes to an hour and practice self-validation while redirecting judgmental thoughts.
  • Andrew Bontz acknowledges Dennis Procopio's courageous journey and appreciates his commitment to personal growth. They encourage men to seek help and provide contact information for coaching services.

In this episode, Dennis Procopio, founder of Man Up Life Coaching, shares his inspiring journey and commitment to helping men overcome challenges and achieve personal growth. The conversation explores topics such as validation, toxic behavior, self-judgment, and the power of self-love. Through his coaching, Dennis empowers men to embrace responsibility and societal expectations while offering unconditional support and brotherly love. The episode concludes with a call to action for men to seek help and take small steps toward becoming the best version of themselves.

7 days of homework:
Day 1: Reflect on your life journey and how challenges have shaped you.
Day 2: Embrace responsibility by addressing an area where you've been avoiding it.
Day 3: Practice unconditional love and acceptance with a friend or family member.
Day 4: Challenge societal expectations by breaking free from one that influences you.
Day 5: Assess the failure script (self-judgment, rage, etc.) and find ways to overcome it.
Day 6: Nurture self-love through positive self-talk and engaging in activities you enjoy.
Day 7: Meditate daily for 30 minutes to an hour, observing and redirecting judgmental thoughts.

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Quotes :
"Challenging expectations, empowering men's growth."
"Unconditional love: accepting men's journey."
"Failure script: self-judgment, insecurity, stagnation."
"Self-love, meditation: keys to growth."

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