Digital transformation of Insurance Value Chain in Bangladesh

Insurtech Story Podcast

Jan 28 2023 • 21 mins

Emerging technologies have the potential to completely transform the insurance sector, including how insurance products are sold, underwritten, and handled, as well as how the market is governed. The possibility for new, inventive goods and business models to revolutionise the industry may be even more exciting than the advantages of digitising the distribution chain. Emerging technologies offer a fertile environment for an explosion of innovation in the insurance sector, much like the expansion of applications for the internet from the two original use cases at its inception, such as sending emails and file transfers, to the almost unlimited use cases accessible now.

Points of discussion:

1. Insurers in Asia are exploring the digitisation opportunity of their value chain. The questions are however not the need of building a digitised ecosystem but how to build such ecosystem. Can you explain this from the context of Asian market and how you see this happening in Bangladesh?

2. Digital transformation in insurance value chain largely demands the need for services providers who can support with the technology stack and help building a complete go to market solution. With your expertise in the region, how do you see this happening?

3. What is insurance core system transformation?

Speaker Bio: Arnab Paul, is the Co-founder of Bimafy Bangladesh.