The Very First ’Geriatric Coffee Convos’ Episode!

Geriatric Mamas

Oct 12 2023 • 1 hr 45 mins

On this first 'Geriatric Coffee Convos' episode, Sonia and Jessica discuss Hayden turning one, the many things to look forward to as babies grow up, tips on getting toddlers to eat a variety of foods, the tragic death of a 21-month old baby girl in Maine, accidentally ghosting people because Moms are SO BUSY and also tools for feeling overstimulated and running on empty after work, like vodka and other fun stuff.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Jessica’s Primary Bathroom Remodel (3:30)

  • Sonia’s IPL Sun Spot Treatment Experience (9:33)

  • Geriatric Coffee Convos (20:25)

  • The Very Caffeinated Mom & Being Grandma on The Dad’s Side (21:51)

  • Toddler’s Eating Habits & How to Get them to Eat Different Foods (38:42)

  • We’re Looking for A Stay At Home Geriatric Mama Who Would Like to Be On the Podcast (48:39)

  • On September 20th, 2023 A 21-Month Old Baby Girl Was Hit by a Tow Truck in Chelsea, Maine (56:28)

  • Unintentionally Ghosting People After Having a Baby (01:12:04)

  • Being Overstimulated and Running On Empty After A Work Day And Taking Care of Children (01:20:38)

  • We Got Such An Amazing Compliment on the Geriatric Mamas Facebook Group from Samantha Renee! Thank you, We appreciate you! (01:39:42)

  • You Guys, We Have a YouTube Channel! (01:42:12)

“We have 5 subscribers on YouTube; so that means we just need 99,995 more before we can share full episodes with you.” -Jessica

Show notes including all links referenced in this podcast episode can be found at

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Boy Mom Reel by @TheVeryCaffeinatedMom on Instagram

Annabelle’s Spagetti TikTok Video

We’re looking for a stay at home geriatric mama who would like to be a guest!

If the description fits and you’re interested in joining us, just send us an email here with the title Stay at Home Mama Guest!

Full Story About the 21-Month Old Baby Girl Who Died in Chelsea, ME on 9/20/23.

CHELSEA (WGME)-- A toddler was hit and killed by a tow truck on Windsor Road in Chelsea Wednesday afternoon.

Maine State Police say the 62-year-old driver, who was towing a vehicle at the time, didn't realize the child was in the road until it was too late.

The Empty Bucket Reel by @8thDayForReadingOnly on Instagram

Geriatric Mamas Facebook Group

Geriatric Mamas YouTube Channel

“When she says she’s used every tool in her toolbox to stay composed, I’m just wondering if it’s vodka, tequila? Is it coffee brandy? What in the actual F is she talking about?” -Sonia; About the empty bucket reel. Thanks for listening and checking out the show notes!

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