This Just In: Menopause is Temporarily Reversible, Also We’re Not Mathers!

Geriatric Mamas

Oct 26 2023 • 1 hr

On this episode, Sonia and Jessica discuss Halloween home decor, baby Halloween costumes, in-home pet cemeteries, the fact that there’s a fertility clinic in Greece that is currently reversing menopause for their patients and also recommending a natural approach for those under 50 who prefer to try that as well. The Netflix documentary Unnatural Selection was cancelled- but if we ever get discovered we’ll pretend this episode didn’t happen; aka feeling cute, might delete later!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Happy Birthday Dinosaur Sonia, But She’s Not Actually 57! (00:21)

  • Annabelle, Hayden and Jess Have Colds (00:52)

  • Our 40th Birthdays (6:04)

  • Loosing Sonia’s Kitty Chase (06:55)

  • Jess and Adam’s In-Home Pet Cemetery (11:35)

  • Halloween Home Decor & Babies (13:54)

  • Halloween Costumes (17:45)

  • Reversing Menopause Temporarily is Possible, But We’re Not Mathers (21:39)

  • Why Did We Want to Be The First Country to Land On The Moon, But Not The First to Jump Start Menopausal Ovaries? (33:31)

  • So You’re Saying That We Have to Go to Greece? (38:29)

  • The More Natural Suggestion To Help Women Under 50 Temporarily Reverse Menopause (39:30)

  • The Cancelled Netflix Documentary Unnatural Selection (42:47)

  • Hopefully We Don’t Get Cancelled (48:24)

  • The Number of Ultrasounds Covered by Insurance Companies (50:47)

  • The Nuances You’ll Find On Our YouTube Videos (55:20)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Crete Fertility Centre In Greece

Crete Fertility Centre, established 31 years ago, has been offering personalized services to infertile couples, using state-of-the-art technology and psychological support. The result is the birth of over 6000 babies all over the world with the contribution of our unit.

Its peaceful location permits the provision of sensitive attention for each couple’s individual needs and specific medical circumstances in their quest for parenthood.

The international level, state of the art facilities, ensure that the highest quality of care is available. Medical and laboratory equipment are the most modern currently available, while standards of hygiene, health and safety are exemplary, in full compliance with the highest and strictest levels in Europe. These have already been confirmed by ISO Certification procedure, having the respective specification by the 24th of February of 2010. Moreover, since November 8th 2017, it is one of the few clinics in Europe that has the DIN EN 15224 certification, which is the European framework for standards for the development and implementation of healthcare management systems.

It is noteworthy that Crete Fertility Centre is located on the seafront in one of the biggest and & most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, Crete. Thus, it is not surprising that couples travelling to this familiar holiday destination find that the tranquil setting on this beautiful island, lessens the inevitable anxiety and tension of imminent fertility treatment.

Add to this, our cost effective pricing policy (compared to other European and countries worldwide) and the highest standards of medical expertise, science and health, establishes Crete Fertility Centre as the best choice for cost, effectiveness and safety for all ART needs.

12 Things to Know About Emerging Therapies for Menopause Reversal

Greek fertility physicians invented the procedure known as ovarian rejuvenation for menopause reversal. Platelet-rich plasma is injected into your ovaries during the surgery (PRP). PRP is a concentrated solution made from your own blood and is employed in different areas of medicine.

The process is based on the PRP’s inherent growth factors, which can help with:

Regeneration of tissue, increased blood flow, and decreased inflammation

The theory is that it may also reverse signs of aging in your ovaries and activate previously dormant eggs.

Doctors tested this in a small research with eight women in their 40s. Each of these women had gone around five months without a period. To assess how well their ovaries were working, researchers measured their hormone levels at the start of the study and every month after that.

All of the participants resumed their regular periods after one to three months. The mature eggs were then accessible to the doctors for fertilization.

Getting pregnant after beginning perimenopause is doable: Although difficult, being pregnant during perimenopause is not impossible. Your ovaries might start releasing eggs again after a surgery like ovarian rejuvenation.

Your ovaries’ mature follicles rupture during ovulation to release an egg or eggs. Ovulation becomes less regular after perimenopause sets in, and you don’t release a viable egg every month. The fact that your ovaries still contain healthy eggs is what matters.

The ovarian rejuvenation technique might aid in restoring or rebalancing the hormones that regulate follicle maturation and bursting. This will enable you to conceive naturally or will enable medical professionals to retrieve an egg for In-Vitro-Fertilization(IVF).

Researchers discovered that all four participants produced an egg that could be harvested for fertilization in the one peer-reviewed study that had been done up to that point.

Ovarian Rejuvenation

How ovarian rejuvenation works: Stem Cells can, under the proper biological stimulus, morph into any type of cell in the human body, including eggs. The presence of Stem Cells in the ovaries and their transformation into mature oocytes (egg cells) has been demonstrated in mice by Harvard researchers. Stem Cells have also been shown to be present in the human ovary, so it is quite possible that they can be transformed into eggs by Growth Factors contained in the individuals’ own white blood cells and platelets which have been injected into the ovary.

Injections of Growth Factors, when used for many other types of medical treatments, are made from a patient’s own blood and blood cells.

The Latest results at the Crete Clinic: According to our latest data, the success rates of PRP reach over 85% and according to our data so far, the pregnancy rates that we have achieved after PRP are 48%, of which 26% was achieved with natural conception.

Both PRP techniques, transvaginal ultrasound and laparoscopy, can be carried out in our clinic. The success rates of both techniques coincide.

Our experience in the field of fertility has been evident by the study that we have done and it has already been published with data from 2017 – 2018 and it is the most extensive study in the world as far as the number of the patients are concerned. In a short while, our new study with a sample of about 500 patients will be published which will prove our new data which is even more encouraging and exceptional.

Enriched PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an innovative regenerative therapy, which involves the application of autologous platelet-leukocyte-rich plasma containing growth factors and thrombin directly to the site of treatment. PRP treatment has been used broadly in several areas of medicine and aesthetics to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, initiate healing and of course regeneration and rejuvenation of the tissues. The degranulation of platelets releases the biological factors into the site giving the beneficial effect.

To increase the efficiency of the PRP, Crete Fertility Centre started to apply a novel technology by enriching and fortifying that with growth factors (Enriched PRP – EnPRP), derived from the patient's own blood.

The most important benefit of the Enriched PRP – EnPRP is that it contains over 10 times higher concentration of growth factors and cytokines.  Evidence from research shows that it is the growth factors that reside in the platelet granules that are responsible for inducing healing and regeneration. With this novel technique we managed to break the billions of platelets and directly get the growth factors and cytokines. So, we offer an extra energy to the ovarian rejuvenation process, by applying them directly. This way, we fortify and make more efficient the PRP effect on the ovarian stem cells. This treatment acts on the ovary, reversing the aging process of the follicles and awakening their development process. It is at least 10 times more effective and efficient from the PRP alone and it has direct and long-lasting effect.

Similar is the effect of the Enriched PRP – EnPRP to the uterine and vaginal rejuvenation. Regarding the uterine Enriched PRP – EnPRP, our first results revealed that it has greater efficacy on the endometrial growth and subsequently on the pregnancy rates, since pregnancy rate is increased with growing endometrial thickness. EnPRP makes the endometrium (lining) friendly for the embryos during an IVF or spontaneous pregnancy.

Melatonin & Menopause Reversal For Women Under 50

Researchers have been looking at the relationships between melatonin and menopause for a long time. Your pineal gland produces the hormone that promotes sleep aka melatonin. According to earlier studies, the pineal gland starts to decrease as menopause approaches.

Melatonin is thought by scientists to be crucial in the synthesis of reproductive hormones. The levels of reproductive hormones start to fall off without it.

According to one study, women between the ages of 43 and 49 who received a nightly dose of 3 milligrams of melatonin had their periods return. These participants were either menopausal or in the perimenopausal stage. Ages 50 to 62 participants showed no impacts.

Melatonin may be a natural, risk-free method of postponing, or perhaps possibly reversing, menopause, though more research is needed in this area.

3mg Melatonin

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