‘Advanced Maternal Aged’ Celebrity Mamas & Their Journeys to Geriatric Mama-hood!

Geriatric Mamas

Nov 30 2023 • 1 hr 26 mins

On this episode, Sonia and Jessica discuss how geriatric celebrity mamas are getting pregnant in their mid-to-late forties. From natural conception to IVF, adoption, egg donor-ship and embryo donor-ship; the stigmas around older celebrity mamas not wanting to share exactly how they conceived. The Geriatric Mamas weigh in on if it’s advanced-maternal-aged celebrity mamas’ responsibility to remind us that we have biological clocks since they’re able to have their babies later in life.

For all resources mentioned in this episode including some funding and support options for fertility treatments, surrogacy, etc; please click here!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • This Is Probably Borderline Abusive, But... (12:59)

  • This Is Episode 21! Sonia’s Lucky Number For So Many Reasons (15:05)

  • Celebrity Moms & How They Became Moms (24:07)

  • Favorite Christmas Movies; And Sonia Didn’t Know The Grinch Was Actually Written By Dr. Seuss (01:11:48)