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Hosted by Nikias Tomasiello, a transgender online training and nutrition coach, the Fit to Transform Podcast is the show for you if you’re committed to transforming your physique, lifestyle, and mindset. With a mix of solo episodes and interviews with his own clients and experts in the fitness and health industry, Nikias is going to help you build science-based habits to lose weight, gain muscle, and, most importantly, maintain these results for life. If you’re ready to start your lifestyle transformation, get yourself a cup of tea (or pre-workout) and enjoy.

Nutritional considerations for gender-diverse people - With Dr. Whitney Linsenmeyer - Ep. 11
Nutritional considerations for gender-diverse people - With Dr. Whitney Linsenmeyer - Ep. 11
How can hormone replacement therapy impact the health of a gender-diverse person? How do you know whether to use female or male reference values to calculate your caloric needs and other nutritional needs? Which nutritional principles would you benefit from basing your diet on as a gender-diverse or cisgender person? Dr. Whitney Linsenmeyer, a Registered Dietician, an Assistant Professor at Saint Louis University in Missouri, and a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, joins me on the podcast to cover the answers to all these questions… and more! Resources: Dr. Whitney Linsenmeyer: Linsenmeyer’s gender-inclusive handouts on healthy eating guidelines: information on the sex-specific aspect of a nutrition assessment – “An Examination of the Sex-Specific Nature of Nutrition Assessment within the Nutrition Care Process: Considerations for Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioners Working with Transgender and Gender Diverse Clients”: Health website for more information on the Mediterranean diet: Standards of Care: of California San Francisco Guidelines for the Primary and Gender-Affirming Care of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary People: DASH diet: Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025: EatWell Guide (UK) - me on Instagram @nikias_fittotransform my website: the waiting list for Transformation Kickstart: up for one on one coaching: up for my free newsletter: up for the No Quit Kit email series on fat loss success: Send in a voice message: