When Pixels Meet Pages: AI and Design with Micaela Alcaino (Designer and Illustrator) and Rebecca Blake (Advocacy Liaison at The Graphic Artists Guild)

The BookMachine Podcast: Conversations in Publishing

Aug 30 2023 • 50 mins

Are you a creative and a little bit frightened of our new AI overlords like ChatGPT and Mid Journey? In this episode, we talk to Micaela Alcaino, award-winning Designer and Illustrator, and Rebecca Blake, (Advocacy Liaison at The Graphic Artists Guild) about their insights on the current AI boom in the design sector. We’ll be discussing how AI feeds into different parts of the creative process, such as brainstorming, referencing and collaborating, and the grey area it generates in terms of copyright, intellectual property, and the rights of the original designer. You can find resources referenced in the episode below.

Micaela's LinkedIn Article "AI's Influence on Cover Design and the Future of Book Publishing: How to utilise these new tools in a healthy way"

Graphic Artists Guild Position on AI Image Generative Technologies

Creative Review podcast episode on AI

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