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Some anecdotes from the stories behind the creation of some of my poetry. I would like to give a special mention to all those poets who have been featured in some of my work esp. Faiz Sahab, Faraz Sahab and Amir Ameer Sahab.

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Feeling Dump 108 - Date Night
Sep 25 2023
Feeling Dump 108 - Date Night
Instagram: the heart of Sydney’s twinkling cityscape, Jai and Afsana embarked on an evening that neither would forget. As the setting sun painted the horizon with hues of pink and purple, the two stepped out, elegantly attired. Afsana wore a graceful black dress that flowed like the dark, tranquil waters of the Harbour. Jai, in contrast, wore a sharp black tuxedo, echoing the silhouette of Sydney’s architectural marvels.The evening began with a candlelit dinner at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Sydney Opera House. The mellow light from the candles reflected in Afsana’s eyes, revealing a depth that pulled Jai in, much like the vast Australian night sky pulls one into its myriad constellations. Their conversation flowed effortlessly, much like the waters beneath the Harbour Bridge, punctuated with laughter and shared dreams. As dinner concluded, they took a leisurely walk along the Circular Quay. The cool breeze from the ocean intertwined with the melodies of street musicians, setting a romantic ambiance. With every step, the dazzling lights of the city seemed to fade into the background, replaced by a world only they could perceive.With the Sydney Tower Eye witnessing their journey from afar, they spoke of dreams, fears, and everything in between. As they walked and talked, it felt as if the universe had slowed its pace just for them, allowing them a moment in eternity.Under the canopy of the starlit sky, by the shores of the Pacific, they paused. Afsana looked deep into Jai’s eyes and whispered, “Tonight, amidst this vast universe of flesh and concrete, it feels like we’re just two souls, bound by something deeper than love.”And as they stood there, embraced by the cosmic ballet of the stars above and the rhythmic waves below, they realized that their souls had indeed transcended the physical realm. The universe of flesh had faded, leaving behind two souls, dancing to the timeless rhythm of love.Music : Micheal Kiwanuka (intended for fair use only)Written and Narrated by: @oldschoolbastard