One of Most Unique Ways to Hire a Virtual Assistant With Cory Pinegar

None Of Your Business Podcast

Jul 19 2023 • 32 mins

In this engaging episode, we dive deep with Cory Pinegar, an entrepreneur known for his unconventional and innovative approach to building successful teams. Pinegar opens up about an incredible deal where he acquired a six-figure business for just a dollar, underscoring his knack for strategic negotiation and investment. He then proceeds to debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding outsourcing, providing listeners with fresh insights that can change the way they approach hiring and managing virtual teams.

In the latter part of the conversation, Pinegar details how his company equates the value of virtual assistants (VAs) to that of health care professionals, giving a different view on how to pay employees that has been key in building loyalty and increasing work output.. Wrapping up the conversation, he shares some of the best practices for building and maintaining a successful virtual team. Whether you're struggling to hire new personnel or looking to optimize your existing remote work operations, Pinegar's unique insights are sure to equip you with the tools to revolutionize your approach.

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