Preparing Yourself to Get The Best of Every Deal With Chris Voss

None Of Your Business Podcast

Sep 27 2023 • 33 mins

In the newest episode of the "None of Your Business Podcast", esteemed guest Chris Voss, an ex-FBI negotiator, unravels intricate aspects of negotiation. Beginning with an emphatic dismissal of the notion of innate 'natural gifts', Voss underscores that success is more about dedication and nurturing one's skills. Drawing from his vast experience, he passionately advocates for everyone to pen their unique stories in a book. Delving into the nuances of negotiation, he touches upon a common stigma that many confront and underscores the immeasurable power of ensuring that people truly "feel heard".

But what's the golden rule in negotiation? Voss enlightens listeners with his top commandment and wraps up with a crucial piece of advice: in any endeavor, one's success is largely proportional to the depth of their preparation. A must-listen for anyone keen on mastering the art of negotiation.

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