E26: Are you ready for your 100-year life? With Andrew J. Scott, Jennifer Howze and Becky O’Connor

The Pension Confident Podcast

Mar 29 2024 • 31 mins

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You might be surprised to learn that living to 100 years of age is no longer a rare feat. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that almost one-in-seven boys and one-in-five girls born today are expected to reach this milestone in the UK.

The trend is clear: with advancements in technology and healthcare, a centenarian life is becoming the norm. But what does this mean for our everyday lives, especially in terms of work, planning, and even our mindset?

This month on The Pension Confident Podcast we’re discussing the increasing likelihood of the 100-year life. Join our host, Philippa Lamb, and our expert panel as they discuss both the emotional and financial realities of longer living. This month we hear from:

  • Economist and best-selling Co-Author of ‘The 100-Year Life’, Andrew J. Scott;
  • Editorial Director at Noon, Jennifer Howze; and
  • Director (VP) Public Affairs at PensionBee, Becky O’Connor.

Episode Breakdown:

02:20 Rising life expectancy

04:31 Adapting to a multi-stage life

06:03 The emerging adulthood trend

07:59 Saving for retirement

10:01 Portfolio careers in midlife

13:46 Multi-generational households

15:03 How long will people be working for?

18:05 Budgeting your time and money

19:10 State Pension versus Retirement Living Standards

23:29 Investing in your human capital

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