BONUS EPISODE: Mortgages vs. pensions update

The Pension Confident Podcast

Nov 12 2023 • 11 mins

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On this special bonus episode of The Pension Confident Podcast, we’re revisiting the popular debate: should you pay more into your mortgage or your pension? Hear from our former Host Peter Komolafe, CEO and Founder of The Humble Penny; Ken Okoroafor, former CMO at HABITO; Abba Newbery and VP Brand and Communications at PensionBee; Rachael Oku as they discuss the pros and cons of investing in property and pensions.

Read the episode transcript here.

Episode Breakdown:

01:21 Using your property to fund your retirement

02:46 How long will your pension pot need to last you

05:10 Paying off your mortgage early

07:12 The benefits of pension contributions

09:08 Investing in property

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