E27: The cost of friendship with Dr. Tara Quinn-Cirillo, Niaz Azad and Brooke Day

The Pension Confident Podcast

Apr 28 2024 • 30 mins

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We all know friendship is priceless, but navigating social circles where some people are a lot better off than others may be a minefield. According to Intuit, Gen Z would rather discuss sex, politics and infertility struggles than their salaries, debt, and bad investments.

So how can you maintain strong friendships while  navigating different bank balances and spending habits? This month on The Pension Confident Podcast we’re looking at the costs associated with friendship. Join our host, Philippa Lamb, and our expert panel as they discuss how to talk about money with friends, overcoming envy and more. This month we hear from:

Episode Breakdown:

01:29 How to discuss money fairly

06:10 Navigating a financial divide

11:20 How friendship expenses can snowball

16:28 Overcoming envy

18:58 As you and your friends get older

22:31 When life throws you curveballs

25:38 Lending money to friends

27:57 Knowing when to let go.

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