Episode #20 - Language, Culture, and Design | Hindi Podcast | All Fingers and Thumbs

All Fingers & Thumbs - A Hindi Podcast

Feb 26 2022 • 42 mins

There are over 7000 languages spoken in the world, but only 23 account for more than half of the people. Since humans first began to form societies, each of which represented distinct cultural qualities, language has become vital to our existence. Art and design, on the other hand, were integral components of all societies prior to the emergence of languages. Understanding the relationship between language, culture, and design is crucial. Because each has an impact on the other. We've invited a dynamic and quite witty Avani Desai, a product photographer, social media manager, graphic designer, and polyglot, to this episode of All Fingers and Thumbs. We've discussed how culture influences language and design, and vice versa. Her knowledge of and expertise with numerous languages, as well as her perceptions of design in various cultures, and many more things. Check out our YouTube channel for more information, and look for our podcast on other audio platforms.