Vidhyavudan Kadhai Kelu - Tamil Audio Stories

Vidhya Subash

Nadhimoolam Rishimoolam... Having read extraordinary stories written by Tamil authors in the last few years and translated them into the English for a prestigious publishing house in Chennai, Zero Degree Publishing, I developed an insatiable thirst to go in search of more such gems. What a revelation has it been! One's life time may not be enough to read all those wonderful penance like creations! Also, an opportunity to listen to a famous orator in Tamil, read out a story in Tamil, left me stunned and short of words because of the experience it gave me as a listener. The thought to read out a story aloud was born there. But it took a few more years for me to materialize it. The "Coronial Lockdown" gave me the time and space and thus was born Kadha Kelu Kadha Kelu. My humble thanks to Charu Nivedita - Post Modern, transgressive Tamil writer and S. Raa - Sahitya Academy Award Recipient & renowned Tamil author, for their encouragement in this channel's work. read less