Seven Authors from Luv-A-Palooza Summit

Inside The Minds Of Authors

04-07-2022 • 1 hr 40 mins

Happy Sunday My Friends,

Welcome to Inside the Minds of Authors. Today, we have a very special program for you. Instead of one incredible author, we are featuring seven talented novelists from the Luv-A-Palooza Summit. That incredible summit was organized by the amazing Ms. Aimee Ravichandram and provided the participants with a wealth of information from incredible authors.

These authors joining us tonight each write in a different sub-genre in the Romance World, but their passion is contagious. Their books range from rom-com, sweet romance, second chances, romance with a kink, dark romances and even taboo romance. While their style and sub-genres are different, each author is bringing their authentic self to the page. Join me in learning more about these books and the journey of each author.

To help you keep track of each writer, I have listed them below in order of appearance and the time when their segments start.

36 sec: Naomi Springthorp, USA Today Bestselling Author. Book featured is Muffin Man- a hot Rom-Com. For more info on Naomi, check out her links-

14 min 9 sec: Tonya Clark, USA Today Bestselling Author. Book featured is Driven Roads, a sweet romance featuring a deaf protagonist. For more info on Tonya, check out her site-

27 min 9 sec: Raisa Greywood, USA Today Bestselling Author. Book featured is Pestilence Cure, Romance with a kink. For more info on Raisa, check out her links-

39 min 24 sec: Diane Rinella, USA Today Bestselling Author. Book featured is Love’s Forbidden Flower, a taboo love story that is sparking conversations with readers. For more info on Diane, check out her site-

59 min 2 sec: Danika Bloom, USA Today Bestselling Author. Book featured is Frisky with My Bestie, this is a spicy, friends to lovers rom-com. For more info on Danika, check out her site-

1 hr. 13 min 22 sec: Vivian Murdoch, Dark Romance Author. Book featured is From Russia with Blood, a dark romance containing dark themes. For more info on Vivian, check out her site-

1 hr. 28 min 38 sec: Sofia Aves, USA Today Bestselling Author. Book featured is Ranger’s Wish, a second chance romance with a fabulous happy ending. For more info on Sofia, check out her site-

Would like to give a huge Thank You to all these incredible authors for joining on the program. Thank you for the amazing Ms. Aimee for putting this summit together.

As always, we would like to give thanks to our incredible Patreon Community for helping make the podcast possible. Just click on the link ( if you would like to join the family.

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