Tips for Truthers with Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide Author John Kirwin

WORD UP with Dani Katz

Nov 15 2023 • 40 mins

Author, minister and super very interesting human, John Kirwin, joined me for a rollicking conversation about the pariah-y plight of the conspiracy theorist, and how to stay sane in a mind-controlled world gone very, very mad.

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Show notes:

  • From conspiracy theories to facts~ the birth of a book
  • Irreconcilable differences~ growing apart from family & friends who don’t want to know
  • Tribalism~ worldview super-cedes all & dictates inclusion/ exclusion of members
  • "Death to truther" algorithm~ mind control trigger response
  • Quantum level of the Matrix~ integrity is at the core of truthers
  • A journey down the rabbit hole~ “federal reserve” to “trans-pocalypse”
  • “If the earth is round why is it flat?”~ the misunderstanding of authority
  • To believe or not to believe?~ questions of biblical scripture & secret societies
  • “It’s raining red pills"~ has digestibility of the book awakened anybody?
  • The Mandela Effect~ probing disbelievers about certainties in reality
  • Conversational tips for breaking through a closed mind
  • “Happy Dad”~ repressed from free expression by loved ones
  • Common Law and contracts~ laws vs codes, private vs public, diplomatic immunity
  • Will there be justice? Will truth set us free?