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Hosted by author, journalist and 5D word nerd, Dani Katz, WORD UP explores how language is programming our minds, our culture and our world, and – most importantly – how to transform ourselves and society for the infinitely more wonderful with our every word. Empowerment tools abound, along with reframes, upgrades, solutions and propaganda breakdowns, plus a generous smattering of cultural criticism, sprinkled with deep-diving, edge-pushing, solutions-based conversations with original thinkers, visionary weirdos and rebel badasses making the world more wonderful.

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About that AI Simulation We Call ‘Reality’…with Jason Breshears of Archaix
Jan 24 2024
About that AI Simulation We Call ‘Reality’…with Jason Breshears of Archaix
It was my great honor to have Jason Breshears of Archaix on the podcast to dive deep into the ontological fraud that has been perpetrated upon humanity, and to unpack his theories as to what the truth of this reality construct really is. Trigger warnings abound, as worldviews will be shaken, if not obliterated. This conversation demands self-responsibility, and a mind nimble enough to be stretched to its outermost limits.Big girl/boy panties encouraged. Find Part 2 of my conversation with Jason here: danikatz.locals.comwww.patreon.com/danikatz Find Dani’s books, webinars, IG, Pop Propaganda digital homeschool course + coaching/consulting services: https://lnk.bio/danikatz Find Jason: www.archaix.com Show notes:The birth of a Master Chronicler- focused deep-diving into prison libraries Debunking Judao-Christian narrativesWhat is true?- unraveling old beliefs and worldviewsWhat is the nature of this world? Constructs & perceptions of reality We are here to learn - not to “save the world”Do the “elite’ know about the simulation/resets?Underground civilizations- foe or benevolent knowledge-keepers?Phoenix phenomenon Historical tales of fairies, elves and goblins Vapor canopy, Plato, calendars and floods- facts of our true historyFuture prophecies & events- Nemesis X object and the AnnunakiSeven Seals, Greek Olympiad Calendar, 4 year cyclesNegative default & dungeon programming, AIX & errantsLanguage, words and programming History and role of Jews in this constructThree sects of the eliteTranshumanism- the agenda of AIX How does Archaix benefit humanity?
Astrological Racism with The Peace Dealer
Nov 22 2023
Astrological Racism with The Peace Dealer
Word Up podcast favorite, The Peace Dealer, returned to the show to talk about the soft bigotry of astrological stereotypes, and the collective shadows to which said stereotypes point. A juicy conversation for my fellow astrology nerds. Find Part 2:danikatz.locals.comwww.patreon.com/danikatz POP PROPAGANDA DIGITAL COURSE Pre-Sale Friday of Color special: Safeguard you and yours from propaganda, media manipulation and group think, while cultivating confidence and critical thinking. This 11-week digital course for teens AND grown-ups is officially launching January 2024, AND I wanted to take this holiest of holy-days – the Friday of Color – to extend some gratitude your way by way of a hefty discount on this INCREDIBLE resource, which makes for a fantastic gift for your favorite folks. Learn more about Pop Propaganda: https://katzdani.wixsite.com/poppropcourseRegister here: https://buy.stripe.com/7sIaHc1ui2pd1l628yUse promo code: FRIDAYOFCOLOR to nab $100 off registration Find The Peace Dealer: www.thepeacedealer.com Show notes:AI takeover and customer servicePredictions and intuitionMisconceptions & stereotypes astrological signsSoft bigotry of Gemini'sUpdating language, myths, & narratives of the zodiacRelationship with time and solar & lunar cyclesAries anger stereotypeMoney & stubbornness~ Taurus stereotypesElemental influencesStereotypes of Leo’sHit or miss perfectionist Virgo’sMisunderstood ScorpiosMoon in Pluto Super social SagittariusStereotypes of CapricornElite God-level sign~ Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces4th House~ who you are privatelyAquarian stereotypesStereotypes of irreverent Pisces Importance of integrity in last 4 signsPeople-pleasing and/or charming Libra