Astrological Racism with The Peace Dealer

WORD UP with Dani Katz

Nov 22 2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

Word Up podcast favorite, The Peace Dealer, returned to the show to talk about the soft bigotry of astrological stereotypes, and the collective shadows to which said stereotypes point. A juicy conversation for my fellow astrology nerds.

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Show notes:

  • AI takeover and customer service
  • Predictions and intuition
  • Misconceptions & stereotypes astrological signs
  • Soft bigotry of Gemini's
  • Updating language, myths, & narratives of the zodiac
  • Relationship with time and solar & lunar cycles
  • Aries anger stereotype
  • Money & stubbornness~ Taurus stereotypes
  • Elemental influences
  • Stereotypes of Leo’s
  • Hit or miss perfectionist Virgo’s
  • Misunderstood Scorpios
  • Moon in Pluto
  • Super social Sagittarius
  • Stereotypes of Capricorn
  • Elite God-level sign~ Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
  • 4th House~ who you are privately
  • Aquarian stereotypes
  • Stereotypes of irreverent Pisces
  • Importance of integrity in last 4 signs
  • People-pleasing and/or charming Libra