Masculinity, Monogamy and Neutrality with Troy Casey

WORD UP with Dani Katz

Oct 25 2023 • 45 mins

Coach, author and longevity authority, Troy Casey, stopped by the podcast to dazzle us with his bombastic take on all the things. Find Part 2 at: Find Troy, and sign up for his new program: Show notes:
  • Modern-day feminism & poly-amorous sex
  • Rockefeller, central banking & predatory monetary constructs
  • Jokes, death & Dave Chapelle
  • Normalization of dysfunction is anti-progressive
  • Nutrition, meditation & 9/11~ waking up to the sham-show
  • Implied monogamy & celibacy, birth control & abortion
  • Maintaining masculinity in a world of feminine men
  • Healing after a co-dependent marriage
  • Navigating Masculine & Feminine imbalances through self-reflection
  • Doing the warrior dance around nonsense to maintain neutrality & personal power
  • The subjectivity of beauty & pair-bonding expectations