Deconstructing the Dream with Michael Wann

WORD UP with Dani Katz

Jan 10 2024 • 1 hr

Word Up podcast favorite, Michael Wann, joined me on the solstice (12/21/23) to help deconstruct the dream.

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Show notes:

  • The illusion of fauxvid & the frequency of “being sick”
  • Special Forces energy & Backpacks
  • Michael’s mystical 33 night cross country road-trip
  • New Mexico~ Clovis Culture & the land of enchantment
  • Understanding how the dream is crafted in order to deconstruct it
  • Oppenheimer~ divine timing and Christopher Nolan
  • The weird artifice of Roswell
  • Joshua Tree, "The 10" & the military industrial complex
  • U2~ the band and it’s CIA related namesake
  • The Police, the Copeland’s and the gaslighting
  • Psy-op Central~ the Santa Fe Institute think-tank
  • The Navy and it’s secret knowledge of this realm
  • In-Q-Tel, Telligent & 5G
  • Michael’s 9/11 "extrication from the dream" moment
  • Interweaving strands of life~ Michael’s journey to Song Camp in Maine