Patriarchy is a Lens of Perception || Solo Pod Romp

WORD UP with Dani Katz

Feb 21 2024 • 1 hr

I hopped on the podcast to dispel the myth of patriarchy, and to breakdown the real-deal Masculine/Feminine imbalance.

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Show notes:

  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies
  • 4th wave Neo-feminism- Women doubling down as men
  • Betterarchy~ hierarchy is key issue, not patriarchy
  • Distinctions of Masculine & Fem polarities
  • ‘Doing' (masc) vs ‘Being’ (fem)
  • ‘Order’ vs ‘Chaos’
  • ‘Independent’ vs ‘Inter-dependence’
  • ‘Competition’ vs ‘Cooperation’
  • ‘Logos’ vs ‘Pathos’
  • ‘Results’ vs ‘Process’
  • ‘Dividing’ vs ‘Harmonizing’
  • Left brain (masc) vs Right brain (fem)
  • Technological advancement as masculine bias
  • Symptoms of feminine imbalance
  • Breaking down hierarchy to transform the imbalance