Climate “Science” + Flat Earth Theory: Unlikely (+ Unholy) Bedfellows

WORD UP with Dani Katz

Feb 14 2024 • 1 hr

Author and astrophysicist, Joseph Postmas, joined me on the podcast for a fascinating deconstruction of what functions as “climate science”, and its reliance on Flat Earth theory to kinda sorta work.

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Show notes:

  • Astro-physicist- Debunking climate change “science”
  • Climate scientists- stupid or malicious?
  • Collective subconsciousness
  • Paradox of space/time continuum
  • No CO2 means ending life on Earth
  • Foundation of climate science based on Flat Earth Model
  • Definition of Astrophysics
  • Spherical vs Flat- Thermodynamic comparison
  • Losing his job for “disrupting” the narrative
  • Planet Wars- Joe’s book presenting “impossible things”
  • What is God?- transforming frequency into space/time
  • Fundamental units of existence- nodes and immortal souls
  • The Pythagoreans- Joe’s history of esoteric pursuits
  • The Holy Grail - God is within
  • Channeling, monads & creating Universes
  • Noetic parasites vs humans with souls
  • What do we, as sovereign beings, do to save humanity?
  • How do you exist in the Matrix?
  • The power of a decentralized awakened collective
  • Ridiculousness of voting & democracy