The Inverted Matrix, Stargate Stewarding + (Other) High Interdimensional Strangeness with Jayne Sullycole

WORD UP with Dani Katz

Nov 8 2023 • 44 mins

Grid-worker, Earth Healer + Elemental Educator Jayne Sullycole, returned to the podcast to unpack some high interdimensional strangeness with us.

While Jayne went the distance to get a solid wifi signal, the interdimensional fucktards are clearly threatened by our alchemical awesomenesss, and wreaked a bit of low-level mischief upon our otherwise harmonious flow. Thanks for rolling with us.

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Show notes:

  • Eclipse effects~ a time of transition
  • Boundaries & staying neutral
  • Timelines & trauma addiction~ the multiple realities available
  • Compassion & choosing where to focus
  • Stargates & Divine Feminine in the Middle East
  • What is the Inverted Matrix? Who are the architects?
  • Reptilians, Royal bloodlines & Remembering who we are
  • Fractals & archetypes
  • Flat Earth vs Globe Theory~ variations of confirmation bias
  • Ivy League secret societies & the Collegiate Peaks
  • Grid-working in New Mexico~ energy, water and land formations
  • A strange place~ what is Roswell about?
  • The mystery that is Lemitar, New Mexico
  • Removing mental limitations to access power & possibilities