On the Shape of the Planet with Ryan Di Somma of Standup911

WORD UP with Dani Katz

Nov 29 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

Ryan Di Somma joins me for a rollicking discussion about the shape of the planet. And other things…

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@ry911 (IG)

@standup911 (IG + FB + Telegram)

@meetingoftheminds (IG)

Show notes:

  • From 9/11 to Instagram~ Ryan’s rebellious awakening into activism
  • Trade school & Homesteading~ walking the talk with skills
  • Coordinated algorithmic censorship
  • Psy-ops, Zionism and secret societies
  • It’s all perspective~ our local sun & moon
  • Astrology & frequency
  • The lie of NASA
  • Forgetting our roots~ from patriotism to statism
  • The alien and UFO psyop
  • "American Dream”~ a scam from the start
  • Mystery of Antarctica
  • Origin story of Humans~ aliens or hybrids?
  • Challenger “Explosion"
  • Moon landing
  • Joe Rogan, Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo
  • Open-ended inquiry vs Dogmatic Ideology~ A critique of self-identified "Flat Earthers"
  • An absence of curvature
  • Justice & the Great Awakening~ gradual shifts lead to change