Ep 64: How This Father and Son Team Turned $1 Million into $2.5 Million in Under 2 Years

Digital Investors

Oct 3 2023 • 48 mins

If you had a $1 million, could you turn it into $2.5 million in 2 years?

That's exactly what this father-and-son team did, except they didn't have a million dollars sitting around.

Today, you'll hear how they cleverly bought a $1 million website using other people’s money, plus:

- The exact niche they bought the website in and how much they bought it for

- How much revenue it was generating and how much it's making now (this will surprise you)

- The mindset they adopted to make $600,000+ per annum online

- What sort of team you need to run a multi-million dollar portfolio

- How much content you need to create and how they find writers

- And much much more, including how they monetise their websites (this one strategy doubled their earnings)

David and Connor is a perfect example of what's possible when you focus on progress instead of waiting for things to be perfect.

Tune in to hear the lessons they learned from turning $1M of other people's money into $600k per year in semi-passive income.

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