Episode 42: Holiday Special - Some of the things on our minds

Gears, Action, Growth: Shifting Business Culture one Conversation at a Time

Dec 19 2022 • 47 mins

Iain and Josephine talk about some of the things that are on their mind as the year draws to a close. Topics range from the brave new world, AI, digital consciousness, the fall of ethics, and the rise of the young, brash entrepreneur. Iain draws on Alvin Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’ and Damian Rodrick’s ‘The Spike’ and discuss the need for elder wisdom in the context of the superstar entrepreneur. Topics venture into the role of psychedelics in treating mental health disorders. And applications of kindness and compassion in modern society. We discuss gender politics and pronouns, other injustices like ageism, and Josephine's upcoming book on women and power, and Iain’s book on Sense of Place coming up next year. We talk about burnout and exhaustion, and issues of mental health that are prevalent at this time of year. We give thanks for people who have inspired and supported us this year also share our new year's resolutions. For Josephine it's “set your mind to receive” and for Iain it's “be present be more present and grateful.” Contact Dr. Iain Butterworth at https://iainbutterworth.com As always, please send us your questions and stories: https://gearedforgrowth.biz/contact/