The Mindset of a Job Hunter - Part 4 of the Job Hunter Series

The Morning Jolt Podcast

May 15 2020 • 11 mins

This is Part IV of the Job Hunter Series with Follow Up and Mindset.

•Part I LinkedIn Power Profile vs the Resume;
•Part II Job Hunting vs Applying,
•Part III The Magic 4-Step Interview
•Part IV Follow Up and Mindset

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, it takes someone between 22 – 27 weeks, or roughly 4-6 months, to find a new job. If you are in a high skill or high paying job of Vice President or higher, that can be as high as 6-8 months.

Now this statistic is the average. It doesn’t mean you anything because many things can impact it. For example

•The quantity of jobs of where your preferred job location is (like try finding an acting job in Des Dubuque, Iowa, for example)
•The geographic flexibility on the part of the job hunter
•The flexibility in terms of job preferences (those exclusively looking for management or something which is very difficult to land will very likely have a longer job search)
•The credentials of the job seeker, and the level of demand for one's skills
•Like real estate, longer one is unemployed, generally, the longer it will take to find work
•The amount of time and energy devoted to the job search
•The quality of job search materials, including the resume and cover letters
•The quality of job search strategy, including the level of networking activity

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