EP52 - Build Wealth & Celebrate Financial Freedom -- with Mycah Bain

An Unscripted Podcast for Photographers

Mar 22 2024 • 55 mins

As photographers, we spend countless hours honing our craft, chasing the perfect light, daydreaming about our creative ideas, and capturing breathtaking moments. But for our photography businesses to be successful, we need to pair all of this good stuff with something crucial: financial stability. Today I’m joined by Mycah Bain, wedding photographer and business coach, and we’re talking about just that. Diving right into the business side of things, we explore what financial freedom looks like as a photographer and how to get there. As we’re sure you know, building a sustainable photography business doesn't happen overnight, and many new photographers struggle with misconceptions about worth, wealth, and achieving financial independence.

In this episode, we break down those misconceptions and dive into practical strategies for managing your finances, cultivating a future mindset, and, ultimately, unlocking the financial freedom you deserve. This episode will be packed with valuable insights, so grab your notebooks, sharpen your pencils, and settle in for the ride.



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